1.8M Cable Durable Safe Space Saving Killer Practical Home Detachable Thermal Trimmer Weeds Burner Easy Apply Garden Electric Tool

Plug: UK Plug
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Description :

1.8M Cable Durable Safe Space Saving Killer Practical Home Detachable Thermal Trimmer Weeds Burner Easy Apply Garden Electric Tool

Features :

◆【Powerful Burner】 It's environmentally friendly weeding with professional technology for the home. The flame reaches a maximum temperature of 650°C, effectively controlling weeds between paving stones, driveways or stone curbs. With a cable length of 1.8 meters, it is a relatively long cable in the market. An extra adapter can be used to expand the area of use.

◆【Completely Secure】 Many users are dangerous compared to equipment that uses natural gas, but with electric burners, you are always safe, there is no open flame, only electricity is used and all operations are safe.

◆【Extremely High Efficiency】 Weed burner combines super 2000W, 230V performance, which allows you to quickly remove weeds and withstand temperatures up to 650°C. By combining the push fittings, your work will be very effective. The machine will be in short contact with the weeds, enough to destroy the cellular structure and remove weeds.

◆【Easy to Use】 The device is easy to handle and works well. It even gets hot enough to light a grill. Weed burner is ergonomically designed, the handle can be easily gripped and prolonged use will not make you feel uncomfortable. Compact and innovative design, this weed killer has a detachable handle for easy storage.

◆【Environmentally Friendly】 Dimensions: 101cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 10cm (H). The electric grass burner works in an environmentally friendly way. It is powered by electricity, no open flames, without the need of toxic chemicals like gas and butane.

Specification :

Mains Frequency
Plug EU/UK
Air Temperature

Setting 1: 60°C

Setting 2: 650°C

Air Stream

Always use with caution:

Do NOT cover the ventilation openings during use as it causes a risk of burns!

Never touch the hot nozzle!

Application tips :

Switching ON/OFF,First check that the cable and plug are not damaged.◆Connect the plug to the power supply. With the on/of- and power switch you can select from two temperature settings. Depending on the application, you can use the following settings◆Setting I 60℃ (venting / cooling)◆Setting II 650℃ (weed burning I ignition BBQ or fire place) The volume of air in each setting 500 l/minute Weed killer  If using the device as a weed killer you must use the extension tube and the handle. Hold the weed killer firmly by holding the end of the extension handle *Check that all of the relevant safety measures have been implemented. * Ensure the extension handle is firmly fixed onto the device and that the device is turned off.

Package Included :

1x Weed Burner

1x Nozzle BBQ/Fireplace

1x Nozzle Weed Burning

1x Manual

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