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Garden Path Floor Wall Ceramic Tile Leveling Tool
What is the Tile Leveling Tool?
The "Tile Leveling Tool" was developed to overcome the common plague that has baffled many DIY and professional tile layer alike, the problem of uneven tiles, aka "tile lippage".
The tool is easy to learn and you will also enjoy the increased tile setting speed you will be able to now achieve. But most importantly, the tool will help you achieve your dreams of a perfectly flat tile floor and you will absolutely love the results!
The tool of interlocking leveling bases and caps/wedges ensures that your floor will be level from one tile to the next, and it also prevents tile for settling and warping as your thinset cures.

Base " " : fit to 2mm gap, 3-24mm thick tile leveling (100pcs)
Base "-"  : fit to 2mm gap, 3-24mm thick tile leveling (100pcs)
Cap: universal type, reusable caps (100pcs)
Virtually lippage free, flat surface drastically
Keep titles in place while drying
Prevents tiles from moving while curing
Reduce installer fatigue/stress
Improve title installation speed
Reduces the need for grinding and polishing
Very simple and easy to use, save time and money

1. Reusable caps more than 20 times
2. The cement must completely dry before removing the bases and caps, otherwise there will be easily appeared flatness error.
2. Clean the cap after each use.

Package Includes:
100 x Tile Leveling Tool

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