12 Heads Electric Neck Massager Hot Compress Pulse Neck Protector 12 Modes Shoulder Cervical Massage Device

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  Main Features:
  ● Newly upgraded 12 massage heads, more scientific, more comprehensive, more accurate and more comfortable

  ● Equipped with remote control for easy control

  ● 3D Designed by the engineering of the human body, fits the physiological curve of the neck.

  ● Mutliple working modes to choose: ,12 modes & 15 intensity settings.

  ● Frequency pulse, magnetic effect, heating function, high frequency vibration massage and circular traction - all these 3 working functions made up of an energy area.

  ● Relieve neck soreness, Promote blood circulation, Improve sleep quality, Soothe nerves, Stimulate

cell activity, Ease muscle pain and Relieve fatigue.


Product Name :12 Neck Massager

Color :Red



Massage intensity: 15 Levels

Massage modes: 12 massage modes


  Package Contents

1 x Neck Massager

1 x USB Cable

1 x Connection line

2 x Gel electrode sheet

1 x Remote control

1 x Battery

1 x Manual



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