15M Micro Drip Irrigation Kit Drip UV-resistant Automatic Irrigation System for Greenhouse Garden Patio

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Desciption :

15M Micro Drip Irrigation Kit Drip UV-resistant Automatic Irrigation System for Bonsai Potted Fruit Patio 

Features :

- Water-Saving & High Quality
The irrigation pipes are made of high-quality UV-resistant materials. Set up the drip irrigation system, it can automatic irrigation according to your setting when you turn on the faucet and can save up to 75% water savings compared to manual watering.
- Watering Customization
Every nozzle and dripper can be adjusted separately according to your needs to provide precise watering for each plant. 2 water spray modes:columnar and misty.
- Applicable Faucet & Simple Installation
Drip system kit is equipped with 2 faucet connectors:threaded and universal faucet connector. Soak the tube in hot water for 15s before use.With a simple installation, insert fittings and dripper, you can start watering the plants right away without digging or plumbing skills.
- Large Application
Flowers, plants, bonsai and potted fruit, patio drip irrigation. Three new garden shovels are added in the set, garden watering kit for family homes, hotels, clubs, offices patios, greenhouses, gardens, lawns And other plants of intelligent care.

Package Included :

20 x Single Barbed Couplings
1 x Universal Faucet Connector
1 x Tubing Quick Connector
20 x Flat Tee Pipe Connector
20 x Drip Emitters
20 x Barbed Tee
1 x PE Tubing
1 x Tape
1 x Hole Punch 
1 x Small Shovel Set
20 x Single End Closure
20 x Barbed Couping
20 x Red Irrigation Dripper
20 x Atomizing Nozzle

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