6 Roll Audew Vacuum Sealing Film Household Food Vegetable BPA Free

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Description :

6 Roll Audew Vacuum Sealing Film Household Food Vegetable BPA Free

Features :

-FDA certified, the product does not contain BPA, safe and non-toxic food grade; no peculiar smell, safe and environmentally friendly.

-Good toughness, not easy to break the bag, good anti-fouling effect.

-Extend the preservation time and better preserve the food.

-Two-sided diagonal pattern, regardless of the front and back when using, it is more convenient to use on both sides.

-24 wire material is better, and the product can be used in a wider range to avoid excessively high temperature when heating the sealing strip of some sealing machines, which will cause the sealing bag to burn through.

The -7-layer co-extrusion process structure ensures that the product has good barrier properties to moisture and oxygen, so it has good fresh-keeping, anti-bacterial, moisture-proof and oxidation-proof functions. In addition, the 7-layer co-extrusion process structure also ensures that the product has sufficient physical strength to make the product can be cooked , Can be refrigerated, can be heated by microwave.

-Bags and rolls have various specifications, and the pattern rolls can be cut to any length required.

-Suitable for all sealing machines (not to choose models).

(Please confirm the size before purchase)

Specification :

Brand: Audew

Condition: 100% Brand New

Product Name: Vacuum Sealing Film

Material: PE PA

Color: Transparent

Size: 300cm/118.11in x20cm/7.87in


High and low temperature resistance: -20°~ 180°

Package Includes :

6 x Vacuum Sealing Film

(3 Roll 300cmx20cm 3 Roll 300cmx28cm)

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