ATuMan DUKA TR1 1200M 800M 6X HD Digital Laser Range Finder Sightseeing Telescope Golf Rangefinder Outdoor Sport

Type: 800mm
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Brand ATuMan DUKA
Model TR1



Distance range


Ranging accuracy

±(0.5m D*0.2%)

Telephoto magnification


Laser type

Type I Invisible laser

Field of view


Tilt angle

89° to -89°

Battery model

420mAh Li-on battery (not included)

Power supply interface
Type-C DC 5V


800MM: 129g / 1200MM: 150g


800MM: 108*61*42mm

1200MM: 121*72*56mm


1. 1000m precision measurement, 6x HD optical.

2. With ±6D wide range of diopter, can adapt to different people, myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia can be naked eye observation.

3. While observing objects clearly, the distance between fixed and moving objects within a certain range can be measured.

4. It has the advantages of high ranging accuracy, short ranging time, intuitive distance display, low power consumption and self-power.

5. Comfortable one-handed control, the product is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.

6. The product can be widely used in many fields such as surveying and mapping, security police, outdoor, golf course, environmental protection forestry and so on.

Package included:

1 x DUKA Laser Rangefinder

1 x Manual

1 x Protective Cover

1 x Lanyard

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