Automatic Shampoo Liquid Dispenser Shampoo Shower Wall Mount Double 500ML Shower Dispenser Kitchen Bathroom Accessories

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Description :

Automatic Shampoo Liquid Dispenser Shampoo Shower Wall Mount Double 500ML Shower Dispenser Kitchen Bathroom Accessories

Features :

- IPX5 waterproof function, more safe and convenient to use.

- ABS material, durable and beautiful appearance.

- The installation is simple, can be placed, hung up or pasted, without space restrictions.

- Special manual pressing type extrusion liquid can be used for detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner, hand soap and so on.

Specifications :

Product Model LZD-V11
Product Material
ABS PC PP Silicone
Battery Situation
8 AA Batteries, 4 in a Group, 2 Groups in Total
Standby Time More Than 6 Months
Working Voltag DC 6V
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
Boot Up Blue Light for 1 Second
Shut down Red Light for 0.5 Seconds
3 W
Infrared Response Sensitivity
Product Size 21.35*22.45*7.85CM
Installation Method
Boot Mode
Touch Sensor
Product Capacity
Induction Distance
Between 2cm-10cm
Product Size
21.35 x 22.45 x 7.85CM
Product Weight

Package Included:

1 x Infrared Induction Shampoo and Shower Gel Machine

1 x Sticker Label Set

1 x Packaging

1 x Manual

1 x Screw Accessory Kit

1 x Hanging Board

1 x Non-marking Double-sided Tape

 Installation Method : 

Clean the surface to be pasted (if there is water that needs to be dried before pasting), tear off the super glue transparent release paper, when pasting, from top to bottom, and then gently press it (after fixing it, wait 12 hours before using it for better results) , After tearing off the transparent film on the other side, stick the product and it can be used normally.

Use Method :

- Turn on, turn on the blue light, reach out to the bottom of the sensor (sensing distance is 2-10CM) *When turned on, touch the switch button once, the ice blue light will turn on the first gear (multiple adult mode), touch the second switch Button, the green light is on for the second gear (a small number of children mode); touch it for the third time, the red light is on, and it is in shutdown mode. If you need to re-dispense the liquid, you need to reach under the sensor again.

- When the new product is used for the first time adding liquid or when the liquid is used up again, it needs to sense 2-3 times to empty the air before the liquid can be discharged normally.

- When the voltage is so low that the indicator light is red. Prompt to replace the battery.

- When the product is not working, it will automatically enter the standby state without manual shutdown.

Attention :

- When the level of shampoo or shower gel is low, immediately add the corresponding liquid. When adding liquid, pay attention to the washing shampoo and the position of shower gel to avoid adding mistakes, otherwise the shampoo or shower gel will be damaged. Will not flow out normally.

- Do not apply strong impact to the machine, otherwise it will cause serious damage.

- If you do not use the machine for a long time, please turn off the power switch and remove the battery.

- Please do not tilt the body to avoid leakage of shampoo or shower gel.

- Scope of use. Hotel bathroom. Family bathroom. Public bathroom. Hospital bathroom. All bathrooms are common in range

- Do not flush the body with water, otherwise it will cause damage to the product.

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