BIGBIG WON Rainbow C1 RGB Somatosensory Wired Gamepad Game Controller Joystick for Nintendo Switch PC for PS4 PS5 Game Console with R90 for Xbox Switch Pro Without Delay Transparent Shell

Type: Type B
Sale price$85.99



Rainbow C1 Gamepad:

2 major platforms: Windows PC /Switch/ (with R90 adapter can support PS4/PS5)

Connection method: Wired connection (pluggable micro-USB) 3 meters long cable

Fully transparent body, RGB Symphony optical fiber light bar

Handle audio support: 3.5mm audio port, support PC, switch audio

Somatosensory auxiliary control on all platforms: 6-axis gyroscope special algorithm. Somatosensory control games can be supported on PC, PS4, PS5, and Switch.

4 definition keys: Double scroll wheel type, 1 scroll wheel equals 2 buttons

M1-M4 custom key function: FN combination key to modify key value, macro definition

Combo: All buttons support combo settings

Dedicated Bluetooth chip connected to mobile phone APP: Firmware upgrade, real-time APP settings (light effect setting, dead zone and sensitivity of buttons, joysticks and triggers, global somatosensory sensitivity)

Product net weight: 226g

Packing size: Length 17.4CM x width 17.4CM x height 6.7CM

Weight with packaging: 465g

R90 adapter:

Connection mode: The male head of the receiver is connected to the host, and the handle is wired to the receiver

Support platform: Switch, PC, PS4, PS5

Supported console original controllers: PS4, PS5, for XBOX one 1st generation/Elite1/S/X/Elite2, XBOX XSX(2020), switch pro

Support BIGBIG WON handle: Elitist S, Raibow

Transfer to the switch platform: Wire the above handles to the switch platform for use.

Transfer to PS4/PS5: Wire the above controller to PS4/PS5 platform. PS5 platform can only control about 4000 PS4 games.

No need to pair, the connection is super simple, you can use it when you connect

Use the converter and return to the original host without re-pairing (required for wireless converters)

Support combo function setting

Support conversion to PS4, PS5 platform (Only PS4 game can be controlled on PS5 platform)

There are many more handles supported than wireless converters: all XBOX handles are supported, including XBOX2020 and some well-known brand handles

(Tested and supported models: Xbox Series X/S controller/Xbox One 1/X/S controller/Xbox Elite 1/2 controller DualSense (PS5 controller)/DualShock (PS4 controller)/Switch Pro controller BIGBIG WON:C1 , C2)

Product size: Length 5.8CM x width 2.2CM x height 1.1CM

Product net weight: 9g

Packing size: Length 11CM x width 7CM x height 2CM

Weight with packaging: 39g

Package Included:


Type A:

1 x Rainbow Gamepad(Other products are not included)

1 x 3m Micro-USB

1 x User Manual

Type B:

1 x Rainbow Gamepad(Other products are not included)

1 x 3m Micro-USB

1 x R90 Receiver

1 x User Manual

BIGBIG WON Other Products:

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