Cuttable Winter Heated Insoles Women Men Electric USB Heating Warm Foot Pads

Size: 2
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1. Uniform heating, high heat transfer efficiency, fast heating speed, soft and comfortable.
2. Easy to use. Just put on your shoes and turn on the power to enjoy the warmth.
3. Soft and comfortable, fine workmanship, ultra-thin design, maximum elasticity, thickness only 4mm.
4. Use waterproof material, which can be cleaned directly. More convenient, cleaner, according to the free cutting line, insoles can be cut according to your shoes
- Material: Carbon fiber, Crystal fluff
- Size: 1 is of EURO35-40
            2 is of EURO40-44
- Applicability gender: Unisex
- Voltage: 5V
- Power: 6-7W
- Thickness: 4mm
- Power supply: USB charging
Package Included:
1 X Pair Winter Warmer Insoles
1 X USB Cable

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