Dragon 40V 72Bar Wireless High Pressure Washer 300W 4000mAh Machine Handheld Auto Spray Powerful Battery Car Washer Garden Water Pump Wash

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1.【PORTABLE POWER WASHER】 Portable self-priming, faster and stronger, built-in stainless steel fine filter, highly effective and deep filtering of impurities in the water.

2.【3X MORE PRESSURE THAN A HOSE】 Delivers 26BAR~72BAR of pressure.

3.【5 METERS WATER PIPE】You can clean anywhere there is water,including using a bucket, bottle, stream or pool.

4.【2-SPEEDS】 H for when your vehicle or deck is really dirty; L for lighter cleaning to conserve water and battery.

5.【PRESSURE NOZZLE】 The multifunctional washer can switch the water type at will, and the water flow can be adjusted gradually from small to large by rotating the nozzle, and the fan-shaped and direct water line adjustment can be switched at will.

How To Use The Nozzle: Rotate the nozzle (orange part) to change the water pressure.

6.【GENERAL ACCESSORIES】Universal 1/4" quick connect fitting for various nozzle extension.

7.【DEEP FILTRATION】Stainless steel fine screen, high efficiency and deep filtration, deep double filtration of impurities in water, long service life of protection pump.

8. Maximum Working Time:30minute~45minute




ABS Copper



40V Battery Capacity

4000 mAh



Product Pressure

26Bar-72Bar / 377PSI-1044PSI

Water Flow

3.5 L/Min

Water Absorption Height

Up To 1.5M

Charger Voltage

AC 100-240V



Water Pipe Length

5 Meters


6-10 Meters


For garden watering, agricultural irrigating, car washing, household cleaning and so on.


Package Included:

1 x Car Washer
1 x Multi-function Nozzle
1 x 5m Suction Pipe
1 x Foam kettle
1 x Filter
1 x Quick Connection
1 x Lengthening Rod
1 x 40V Battery
1 x Storage Box
1 x Charger

1. Q: Why can't I get water when I use it?

Q & A:

1. A: The inside of the car washer will become dry after being placed for a long time. Solution: Use a needle tube to inject some water into the car washer's water pipe interface; you can also use a faucet connector to inject water into the car washer.


2. Q: Why is the water pressure so small?

2. A: The water pressure is related to the battery and the nozzle. First, check if the battery has electricity, and then check the nozzle. You can rotate to adjust the water pressure, and you can choose the water pressure that suits you.


3. Q: Why did I find water when I received the car washer Is it a second-hand product?

3. A: No, we guarantee that our products are brand-new products, and there is water because we have to conduct inspections to ensure that the car washing machine sent to you is correct.


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