Enusic™ BT01 Professional 6V 12V Battery Tester 100-2000CCA Color LCD Display Car Motorcycle Load Analyzer Cranking Charging Diagnostic Tool

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1. Enusic BT01 battery tester upgrade from the black white screen tester.

2. In order to check battery health faster and more accurate, including check the alternator working status.



3. Not only support Battery Health Test, but also Battery Cranking TestBattery Charging Test.



4. It's a professional automotive diagnostic tools for your battery issues by the graphing voltage monitoring tool, with its 2.4inch color screen and unique pattern design, the Enusic BT01 is a perfect battery testing tool for you.



5. It can detect the batteries of all 6V - 12V cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers and other products.



6. Supports 12 languages; can be upgraded online for free; can print the fault codes on the computer.









1. ldentify battery status Good or Replace

2 . Check Battery Capacity



3 . Check internal resistance valuc ( Ohm )



4 . Display battery life in percentage ( % )



5 . Battery cranking test, load test, ripple test

6 . Graphing voltage real time monitoring review



7 . All test results storage and review



8 . Print / upload U-I waveformaraphical battery test results and report on PC for In-depth analysis

9 . Support free update online life time. (http://www.itoscanner.com/download/)





Brand Name















 Battery Tester



LCD Screen Size



2.4inches LCD Colorful Screen



IC Chips



Imported STM32103VCT6 Chip



12 Languages



Chinese , English , German , French , Japanese , Korean , Dutch , Russian , Spanish , Italian , Portuguese , Polish



Support Systems






Support Free upgrade system and print data on PC



System Voltage






Input Voltage Range






Operating Temperatuer






Storage Temperature






Battery Standard



CCA: 100-2000



BCI: 100-2000  



CA: 100-2000  



MCA: 100-2000



JIS: 26A17-245H52



DIN: 100-1400



IEC: 100-1400



EN: 100-2000



SAE: 100-2000



Product Size



 12.4*7*2(cm) / 4.88*2.76*0.79(inch)



Support Battery Type



 Regular flooded battery, will support AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, GEL and EFB battery in the future after updating.






Apply for all 6-12V battery include battery from motorcycle, car, forklift, gasoline, diesel, electric vehicles and emergency batteries.



Package Included:

1 X



 Battery Tester



1 X



 USB Cable



1 X



 User Manual



1 X



 Nylon Protective Sleeve



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