EUROFONE 1000M bluetooth Intercom Motorcycle Helmet Headsets Waterproof FM GPS Wireless S2 Interphone

Color: Orange
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1. Premium Experience

Super sound quality, high volume. Noise reduction ability is about 120 KM/H.

2. Long-distance Intercom

Can support 800-1000 meters intercom distance.

3. bluetooth 5.1

Can support 2-3 intercom. Can connect to 2 mobile phones at the same time. And can connect to GPS.

4. Connect Phone

It can be connected to a mobile phone to realize functions such as automatic answering, rejecting calls, voice calls and playing music.

5. Long Battery Life

800 mAh Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery, this intercom can standby up 33 days.

The talking time can reach up to 22 hours and FM music time can reach 72 hours.

6. High-level Waterproof

IP65 waterproof, you dont have to worry about rain and snow. And you have no fear of sand and dust.

7. FM Function

Support FM (frequency range 87-108M)



 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom




 Black and Orange

bluetooth Version


Intercom Distance

 800-1000 Meters

Talking Time

 Up to 22 Hours

FM Music Time

 72 Hours

Standby Time

 400 Hours

Battery Capacity

 800 mAh

bluetooth Mode

 Two-Person Mode

Number Of Intercom

 3 People

Connection Method

 Serial Connection

Charging Time

 About 2.5 Hours

Charging Interface

 Type-C Android Universal Plug

Battery Type

 Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery

Power Requirement




Noise Reduction Ability

 120 KM/H Speed

Package Included:

1 X


1 X

 Screwdriver and Spare Screws

1 X

 Screw Clamp

1 X

 VeIcro Clip

1 X

 USB Charging Cable

1 X

 Hard Tube Microphone

8 X


1 X

 Cord Microphone Helmet Earpiece


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