Flydigi Wasp Finger Sleeve 5 Sweat-Proof Finger Gloves Touch Screen Thumbs Cover Silver Ion Spiral Ring Finger Sleeve for iOS Android PUBG Mobile Game

Color: Blue
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Silver ion spiral ring, sensitive and durable

Four-finger elastic structure, common for thumb and index finger

Flyring spiral ring TM technology, 30 turns of high-density tight spinning to close the waist, directional strengthening of the elastic life of the waist of the finger sleeves, long-lasting use without looseness

Using conductive silver fiber, control zero disconnection

18-needle dense weaving ring spinning technology, breathable and absorb sweat more quickly, keep dry for a long time and trigger sensitively

Advanced multi-parameter intelligent adjustment textile machine, high-density sewing, realize zero seam at fingertips

High-elastic spandex inner curling, natural adduction, effectively preventing the phenomenon of de-filing caused by repeated friction

How to choose?

Behive 4 >>>Link<<< is made of Nano carbon fiber that suitable for people with moderate sweating

Behive 5 >>>Link<<< is Silver ion spiral ring that suitable for people with heavy sweating

Package Included:

2 x Flydigi Finger Sleeves

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