Garden Tree Pruning Shears High Branch Pruning Tool Long Reach Aluminium Handle

Type: #1
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  Main Features:
  ● Sharp Blade: One side of the cutter head is a sharp blade, and the other side is an elastic clip.

  ● Firmly Clamped: No matter how soft the stalk is, it can be firmly clamped.

  ● High-quality Handle: The handle is smooth and delicate, very durable.

  ● Multiple Uses: Picking persimmons, loofah, peaches, jujubes, etc..

  ● Wide Application: The fruit picker It is also very suitable for pruning tall branches, branches, branches, leaves or shrubs, and prickly plants.


Color: Purple/Red

Blade Head: SK5 Steel

Rod: Thickened Aluminum Alloy

Handle:  Aluminum Alloy

Cutting capacity: 10MM (3/8")

Telescopic Size: Type #1: 1.2M (47.2") - 2.2M (86.6")

                           Type #2: 1.8M (70.8") - 3M (118.1")


  Package Contents

1x Telescopic Fruit Pruning Garden Shear



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