HYSNOX HY-02 1000M 3 Color Motorcycle Helmet BT Intercom Waterproof FM Wireless Interphone

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1. A new generation of For Qualcommm 5.1 helmet bluetooth headset
There is a "core" in the future, move with your heart, and move forward courageously
Using For Qualcommm 5.1 Bluetooth chip, with the powerful performance advantages of the chip, it has a stable link experience, supports higher-quality transmission, has no intercom delay, and has stronger sound quality.
2. Intelligent DSP audio processing system The twelfth generation CVC noise reduction operation
Intelligently identify the sound source of calls and music, effectively shield background noise and riding wind, make calls clearer and enjoy excellent sound quality.
3. Cool technology design, compact and concise appearance
Reasonable, simple, attentive, and outstanding manufacturing, such a light and thin headset, conforms to the lightweight design of the helmet, reduces the burden on the neck during riding, and reduces the wind resistance of the riding helmet.
4.6 people in one-key networking, 2000 meters group intercom without pressure
Break the precedent for networking and replace the complicated manual serial intercom operation on the market to realize one-key networking.
The distance between two people is 1000 meters, and the ideal distance for a 6-person network is 2000 meters.
5. Humanized design of control keys makes blind operation easier and ensures safe riding
Hard line design, large knob buttons, blind operation can be easily and safely completed, support up and down song and volume adjustment operations
6. Using 40mm tuning speaker diaphragm, adjusted by professional audio experts
The new high-definition HI-FI stereo speakers highly restore the music texture, powerful and shocking sound effects, the treble is more transparent, the midrange is fuller, the bass is thicker, the vocals are sweeter, the sound range is wider, and the sound field level is more vivid.
7. Support multiple devices to interconnect at the same time
Connect two mobile phones at the same time, freely choose any device to switch.
Support pairing and intercom with other brands, the world is a friend of friends.
8. Music EQ
Multiple EQ sound effects selection, restore the true nature of music
For Popp, rock, For jazz, country and other different modes change, let the wonderful music accompany you on your journey.
9. Music sharing
With two walkie-talkies in the front and rear seats, we can not only talk, but also share music, listen to songs together, and share beautiful music.
10. FM radio frequency modulation
If you are tired of listening to music, you can turn on the radio to listen to it at any time, and choose your favorite radio station: news, warm night talk, traffic information and so on.
10. The pairing speed is fast, let's go, never say wait
11. 16KB voice bandwidth, smart microphone pick-up and filter interference, eliminate noise, no pressure on intercom
12. Multi-channel audio mixing and multi-channel processing capabilities for multiple occasions, intercom, incoming calls, and enjoy listening to songs at the same time
13. IP65 deep waterproof, compact structure, can completely protect the internal circuit from dust intrusion, and never fear the wind and sand in the snow and rain
14. 900mAh capacity battery, ultra-low power consumption system operation, AI power management chip, strong battery life, 28 hours of intercom, 28 hours of talk, 33 hours of listening to songs, you can ride with ease.
15. Multi-country prompt tone selection, the world shares with you, 8 languages ​​prompt tone, Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, etc., you can choose your own familiar language and operate easily.

bluetooth Version
V3.0 EDR
Two Intercom Communication Range
900-1000 meters
Call out/answer/reject/hang up
Receive A Cell Phone Call Automatically
FM Radio Function
bluetooth Operating Range
Up to 10m for cellphones
Battery Type
Rechargeable 900m AhLithium Polymer Battery
Standby Time
Up to 300 hours
Talk Time
Phone up to 28 hours 

Intercom up to 28 hours
Charging Time
Rechargeable 900m AhLithium Polymer Battery3 hours
For Helmet Type Full/half/open face

Package Included:
1 X
Intercom Host
1 X
Headset With Microphone
1 X
Headset Clip with Fasten Screws
1 X
Screw Driver
1 X
Hook&Loop (Install on the helmet)
1 X
Hook&Loop Pad
1 X
Charging Cable
1 X
Audio Cable
1 X
English Manual

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