K6 Outdoor Ultrasonic Anti Dogs Bark Control Devices Digital Display Rechargeable Rainproof Stop Dog Barking Animals Training Repeller

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Descriptions :

k6 Digital Display Outdoor Ultrasonic Anti Dog Bark Control Devices Rechargeable Rainproof Stop Dog Barking Repeller

Features :

-Upgraded version:

Ultrasonic anti-barking devices automatically detect barking from as far away as 50 feet. The barking control device automatically emits high-pitched sounds that only dogs can hear. Once the dog stops barking, the ultrasonic bark control automatically stops emitting ultrasonic sounds.

-Safe for dogs and people:

Ultrasonic frequencies are harmless to pets and completely inaudible to the human ear, so you can use this device safely.

-Fashion design:

With built-in rechargeable battery inside, which can be used continuously for one month. Waterproof shape so you can install it anywhere with screw mounting. 4 Sensitivity and Frequency adjustable levels, so you can adjust any level you want.

Specification :

Model K6
Material ABS
IP rating IPX4
Color Green
Working hours About 1 month with full charge
Detection distance 50 feet(about 15.2 meter}
Adjustable frequency 4 levels
125 x 90 x 50mm/4.9'' x 3.5'' x 1.9''

How to use :

1.Can be hung on a tree, indoor, outdoor wall or fence post to stop any dogs barking(within range). 

2.When the luxury outdoor ultrasonic barking alarm clock detects excessive barking, the microphone will respond to barking and activation parts

Notes :

  1.Not applicable to those dogs: aggressive dogs, hearing impaired dogs, dogs under 6 months or over 8 years.

  2.Don't use it on 3 or more dogs at the same time.

  3.Try to adjust different frequency and sensitivity according to dogs' reactions to get a most effective mode.

  4.Some dogs may be afraid or dislike the ultrasonic sound, not stop barking at the beginning. Please allow up to 2 weeks for training.

  5.Anti barking device can work better when the horn is facing the dog.

Package included :

1 x K6 Dog Bark Control Device

1 x USB Cable 

2 x Installation Screws

1 x English User Manual

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