Kids 2-12Y USB Rechargeable Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush U-Shaped Toothbrush 60S Automatic Tooth Brush 5 Gears IPX7 Waterproof With Blue Light

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  Main Features:
 ● Not Only A Cute Toy But Also A Funny Auto Brush: The lovely cartoon design and interesting new tooth brushing method bring children an extraordinary brushing experience. No burst into tears, kids will be happy and spend more time brushing their teeth. This auto brush will help children develop correct brushing habits and is suitable for children 2-14 years old.

 ● Easy Operation For Kids: The invisible switch is hidden in the Owl beak, so funny and surprising design for kids. Just one button to turn on/switch mode/off. Load 5 different tooth brushing modes, which will automatically run for at least 45 seconds to ensure the brushing effect. Hurry up and try it, let your kid feel happy while learning to brush their teeth!

 ● IPX7 Waterproof Implementation Standard: Whether it is washing a toothbrush, soaking in water or long-term in the bathroom, there is no need to worry about any damage. This cute toothbrush even becomes a "friend" who accompanies the child in the bath, and can also clean his teeth in the shower.

 ● Creative U-shape Design Perfect for Brushing: The pacifier-grade silicone brush head is soft and flexible, providing better brushing effect. The U-shaped design of the brush head will cover and clean all teeth at the same time, 360-degree cleaning, providing a comfortable experience, original V-shaped cleaning path, effective deep cleaning, will not harm the gums, protect children's enamel.


Item Type: Electric Toothbrush

Optional Type: 1: Pink 2-6Y, 2: Pink 7-12Y, 3: Blue 2-6Y, 4: Blue 7- 12Y

Overall Material: ABS Washable Machine Body, Non-Slip Silicone Cover

Optional Color: Pink, Blue

Applicable Age: 2-6 Years Old, 7-14 Years Old (Optional)

Charging Mode: USB

Rated Voltage: 3.7V

Waterproof: IPX7

Rated Power: 1.5W

Size: 40x50x78mm

Weight: 180g


  Package Contents


   1 x toothbrush

   1 x wiring

   1 x manual 



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