M1PRO Mobile Controller Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter Adapter PUBG Mobile Controller Gamepad Bluetooth 5.0 for Android IOS System

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This is Muilt-function Mobile Gaming Keyboard Mouse Converter

Bluetooth 5.0 connection, support for IOS(Not support IOS13.4 and above) and Android

Match Mobile Phone Players, do not modify official data, will not be banned

Charging while Play PUBG

Support Customizable settings

Keyboard is customized version of M1PRO, more suitable for M1PRO, easy to play games

Product Category: Adapter

Connectivity: Bluetooth for Android and iOS

Input: Type-C 5V

Keyboard mapping software application: Android uubox, IOS geekgamer

Programmable: for all games, you can set buttons as needed. With external mobile bracket

Size: 66 x 60 x 83mm


Click the middle mouse wheel to call up the mouse arrow or cancel the mouse arrow

If certain actions in the game do not work on the corresponding keys on the keyboard, this is because the M1Pro mapping position is not consistent with the game interface.Because the screen size of each mobile phone is different, the operating interface in the game is not consistent with the official default mapping position of M1Pro!Please download the APP for calibration

Package Included:

Package #1:

1 x M1PRO Converter

1 x Charging Line

1 x User Manual

Package #2:

1 x M1PRO Converter

1 x Keyboard

1 x Mouse

1 x Charging Line

1 x User Manual

1 x Mobile Phone Base

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