Multifunctional Waterproof Waist Bag Outdoor Sports Waterproof Belt Bag Large-capacity Three-layer Sealed Waterproof Bag

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Description :

Multifunctional Waterproof Waist Bag Outdoor Sports Waterproof Belt Bag Large-capacity Three-layer Sealed Waterproof Bag

Features :

- Sealing characteristics, good waterproof performance, to ensure waterproof within 20 meters.

- It is made of PVC material, resistant to low temperature, the transparency of the transparent film in the middle is above 98%, and it is sealed with a plastic plywood, which does not affect the use of the mobile phone.

- The soft material used inside can play a certain anti-loss and anti-drop protection function. Comfortable in contact with skin, no allergies.

- Strong low temperature resistance: the performance remains unchanged at minus 37°C.

- When using this product to go to sauna, rafting, swimming, no longer worry about not having a mobile phone around and worry about it. - ----- Don't worry about your phone getting wet by rain. Put your phone in the bag and never feel distressed or wasted because of the water in the phone.

Specifications :

Blue/Green/White/Orange/Purple/Red/Pink/Black/Sky Blue/Yellow



Length Of The Rope
56cm, and unfolded is about 80cm
Product size

Package Included :

1 x Phone tablet waterproof pocket

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