Ozone Machine Vegetable Washer Water Purifier Automatic Food Sterilization Sterilize Detoxification Outdoor Water Purifier

Title: 110V US Plug
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Description :

Ozone Machine Vegetable & Fruit Washer Water Purifier Automatic Food Sterilization Sterilize Detoxification.

*Fruit & vegetable Washer:

Live oxygen sterilization
Pesticide decomposition
Intelligent micro-control

*Give you a different kind of health experience. No chemical cleaning agent is required to detoxify:
The air bubble explosion is used to wash the surface of fruits and vegetables, and the strong oxidation and decomposition ability of ozone is used to degrade pesticides, decompose toxins and disinfect and sterilize the washing products.

*Zero additive & zero residue:
No chemical cleaning, non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Specification :

Material  ABS
Weight  2000g
Size  39*38*33CM
Rated voltage 220V

Package Includes :

1 x Vegetable  & Fruit Washer


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