RFID NFC Card Copier Reader Writer Duplicator English 10 Frequency Programmer for IC ID Cards

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2.8-inch high-definition color screen, clear display, built-in multiple languages.

ID / IC Full-Time Broadcast and Voice (English).

Support reading and writing frequency: 125 khz, 250 khz, 375 khz, 500 khz, 625 khz, 750 khz, 875 khz, 1000 khz, 13.56 khz, and support HID induction card.

Support card reading: em4100 / em4200, classic mi-fare, uid card, ultra light, hidden 1386/1326/1346, ntag203.

Support card writing: t5577, em4305, hidden 1386/1326/1346, uid card.

You can directly enter the numeric keys used to enter the card number.

Has USB interface.

Uses 4 AA batteries, standard equipment, easy to carry (not included).

It has a decoding function and can directly prepare various types of smart card access ports.


1. How to crack the encrypted 13.56Mhz card:


Please read carefully and follow the steps below:

After encrypting the 13.56mhz card, the software should be used to crack the card.

Connect to the copier and computer via USB cable,

Then press the "On / Off" button,

Then the copier will display the "Disclaimer" page,

Do not press any button on the copier,

Then your computer will display the removable disk,

Open the disk,

There are manuals and software,

Press the button "OK" and first agree to the disclaimer on the computer,

Then use the "Disclaimer" page of the copier,

That will connect successfully,

Place your original card on the back of the read / write area,

Then press the "Scan" button to crack the password,

After 2 or 5 minutes, the password will be successfully cracked,

Then put a UID card into the read / write area,

Then press the "write" button,

It's ok.

2. How to copy 125khz RFID card:


Press the "On / Off" button,

Place the original 125khz card on the back of the copier,

Then the copier will display the "Disclaimer" page,

Press the "OK" button,

Then put the card on the back of the copier,

Then press "Scan",

The copier will automatically scan it is 125khz card,

The copier will display the card number,

Then put a writable EM4305 key on the back of the copier,

Then press "write",

Then write successfully.

Package Included:

1 x Handheld RFID NFC copier reader

1 x USB cable

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