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1. 4 way open the door: fingerprint unlock, password unlock, swipe to unlock, key to unlock.
2. Prevent the iron piece from being inserted and open, and design a layer of outer ring sheath on the position of the clutch shaft of the product to prevent the illegal elements from inserting and locking the clutch by the iron piece.
3. Class C pure copper lock core, technology needs more than 270 minutes to open, effectively increase the warning time.
4. 304 stainless steel anti-smashing lock body, with steel lock body, anti-smashing lock, safer.
5. Stainless steel, brushed metal design, wear resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant.
6. The military-grade free handle, the handle is in a free state after being locked, effectively protecting the internal parts of the lock body from external force damage.
7. Touch screen, dustproof, waterproof, sensitive touch sensing.
8. Highly pirated, the password is continuously entered incorrectly more than 5 times, and a "beep" alarm sounds, locked for two minutes, the internal system does not affect, fingerprint can be unlocked.
9. Can Input 90 Sets of Fingerprints.


Colour: Black
Type: Door Lock & Installation Kit
Lock Core Grade: C Grade
Material: Aluminum alloy
Surface technology: High temperature paint
Fingerprint capacity: 90
Number of passwords: 10 groups (with garbled function)
Card capacity: 100 sheets
Power supply voltage: 4.5-6.0V
Static current: ≤45ua
Working current: 50ma-300ma
Working environment temperature: -25°C~65°C
Low voltage alarm: 4.8V
Motor type: 5V small motor
Fits for: Both Left Open Right Open Door
Battery Size: 4Pcs AA Battery(Not included)
Low-voltage unlocking times: <1s
Unlock Method: Fingerprint, Password, Key, Card
Support lock body: Conventional double live double quick lock body(160*22mm)
Voice: Support voice announcement function
Active Alarm: Lockpicking, Low Battery Level
Scope: Home School Apartment Villa Office

Package Included:

2 x Door Lock(Inside & Outside)
1 x Double Quick Lock Body
2 x Induction card
2 x Keys
1 Set of Mounting accessories

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