TILTA Nucleus-N Wireless Follow Focus Remote Control Motor Hand Wheel Controller Lens Zoom Control System for Ronin S RS2 Zhiyun SLR Camera Gimbal

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1. The Nucleus-N is a revolutionary wireless lens control system specifically designed for handheld gimbal systems. It makes it possible for a single operator to control a lens gear while simultaneously operating their gimbal. The Nucleus-N system is compatible with all DSLR, mirrorless, and modified “cine-style” vintage photo lenses. Suitable for stabilizers of mainstream brands on the market, such as DJI RONIN S, Zhiyun, G2X, etc.

2. When used in conjunction with theTiltamax Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal, simple single-handed operation is possible by mounting the controller unit to the gimbal body’s rosette connection. Easily toggle between the G2X’s modes and pull focus at the same time

3. The Nucleus-N uses a brand new state of the art power-efficient miniature motor. The Nucleus-N Motor features low noise and high torque. It can perform super fast focus pulls with silent precision. The built-in 15mm rod adapter allows for flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of camera rigs and professional mounting solution. The motor shell is made of high-strength engineering grade composite material with a 2.5 audio interface, which is connected to the recording interface of the machine to realize the recording function

4. The Nucleus-N Motor has its own built-in motor drive that communicates directly with the Nucleus-N Hand Wheel Controller. This negates the need to mount a separate MDR to your rig, allowing for a more compact camera setup and a quicker setup time. Simply set the Nucleus-N Motor and Nucleus-N Hand Wheel Controller to the same channel and you will have full control. The N handwheel control terminal can be remotely controlled, and the wireless control distance can reach 50-70M

5. The Nucleus-N Motor allows for automatic calibration of the lens as well as a manual calibration if you are using lenses that don't have hard end stops at close focus and Infinite distance via the ability to set A-B limits on the Nucleus-N Hand Wheel Controller. Every motor has a 0.8 mod, which is the standard gear size for most cinema lenses.The torque of the Nucleus-N Motor at 5.5V is 0.65N·m and at 14.8V is 1N·m

6. The Nucleus-N Motor is also able to connect to the Nucleus-M’s FIZ hand unit and hand grips, allowing for a variety of ways to control the motor as you see fit

7. The kit also comes with a lightweight mounting frame for 15mm rods. The rod mounting frame is simple, reliable, strong, and streamlined. Simply connect the mounting frame to your camera or together with the G2X Series Manfrotto Style Camera Quick Release Baseplate with Riser to fit your needs. The Nucleus-N system can provide record Run/Stop functionality for numerous camera systems

8. Excellent battery life: Two 14500 batteries are standard, which can last up to 8 hours for the handwheel. Automatic detection of lens stroke, A-B stroke setting. Quickly dock the motor, follow the focus faster and more accurately.

9. Lightweight and portable: Mini body with a total weight of only 236g

Nucleus-N Motor:

Weight: 76g

Size: 8.3 x 3.5 x 3cm

Voltage: 5-18V

Current: 5V quiescent current 85-98MA, 5V idling current 110-135MA. 18V quiescent current 35-45MA, idling current 45-65MA

Frequency range: 2.4G to 2.5G

Receiving sensitivity: -94

Frequency channel: 0-15

Nucleus-N Handwheel:

Weight: 160g

Size: 7.5 x 7.2 x 4.8cm

Wireless control distance: 50-70m

Package Included:

Package A:

1 x Nucleus-N Motor (Other products are not included)

Package B:

1 x Nucleus-N Handwheel(Other products are not included)
Package C:

1 x Nucleus-N Motor (Other products are not included)

1 x Nucleus-N Handwheel

1 x 15mm Fixed Base

1 x 15 x 100mm Rail

2 x Lens Retaining Ring

1 x G2X & RONINS Adapter

1 x Yunhe & PLUS Adapter

1 x RONIN S 12V to Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x Motor Charging Cable

1 x 14500 Lithium Battery Charger

2 x 14500 Lithium Batteries

3 x Hex Screwdriver

3 x Screws

1 x User Manual

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