Tinymu Pro-H Smart Toilet Seat Cover 8 Cleaning Modes Double Deodorization Four-speed Heater Leakage Protection Toilet Cover

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Description :

Tinymu Pro-H Smart Toilet Seat Cover 8 Cleaning Modes Double Deodorization Four-speed Heater Leakage Protection Toilet Cover

Features :

- Anti-fouling adhesion

Solve the annoyance of toilet dirt attachment in one step. Each time the toilet lid is opened, the pre-wetting function is automatically activated. Multi-directional automatic spraying of water mist to moisten the inner wall surface of the toilet to prevent dirt from adhering, and flushing and cleaning is cleaner.

- Accurate Temperature Control

Equipped with ceramic body heating technology, hot water in the first second. Even water as low as 5°C can be heated to 35°C in 1 second. Caring for you and your family in the cold winter. When washing continuously for a long time, the water temperature is always stable, which overcomes the shortcomings of heat storage products that are easy to breed bacteria and unstable water temperature.

- Eight Cleaning Modes
A more humane cleaning method, one-to-one professional cleaning. Equipped with a remote control, choose the eight cleaning modes you need.
- Child Wash Mode without Induction
The one-key operation of this product is specially designed for children and can be used without sitting; it optimizes the cleaning mode suitable for children's body feeling and cultivates good habits of health and hygiene.
- Four-speed Warm Air
After rinsing, use warm air to blow away the remaining moisture, clean and dry. The temperature of the warm air can be adjusted precisely according to your needs, always giving you a comfortable feeling. Preset four levels of temperature adjustment, suitable for all seasons. Even if you sit on the toilet in cold weather, you no longer need to be courageous.

- Streamlined More Beautiful

The new slim design has smooth lines, and the beauty is from the inside out. Remote control operation without convex shape: full sense of the whole. The concise atmosphere can better demonstrate the high sense of bathroom space.

- Most Compatible
Compatible with 95% of mainstream toilets on the market, arc, wall, and small toilets can also be adapted, so you no longer have to worry about insufficient bathroom space.

Product Type
Instant Type
Rated Power
Maximum Power
Rated Voltage
Rated Frequency

-Electrolyzed water sterilization

-8 cleaning modes

-Four-speed heater

-Insulation seat ring

-Double deodorization

-Leakage Protection

Inlet Water Pressure Range

The minimum necessary water pressure is 0.07Mpa (when flowing).

The highest water pressure is 0.75Mpa (at rest).

Warm Water Temperature
Four gears (normal temperature, maximum 39℃±2℃)
Warm Air Temperature
Four gears (normal temperature, high 50℃±5℃)
Seat Temperature
Four gears (normal temperature, maximum 39℃±2℃)
Waterproof Leve
Executive Standard
GB4706.1  GB4706.53 GB38448


402 x 506 x 142mm/15.82 x 19.92 x 5.59in

Package Included :

1 x Tinymu Pro-H Smart Toilet Cover

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