U8 Mini 64GB 10000 Games HD Wireless TV Game Console Stick with Dual Game Controller FC Family Game Console for PS1 GBA FC

Title: 64G
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Open source system, 64GB RAM, 10000 games

4K ultra HD game stick, TV HD output, support HDM connection to TV, game synchronization operation

Supports 40 simulator format games, compatible with more than 10,000 games, and can download games by yourself

Sonys original 3K rocker, special game rocker for arcade, high sensitivity, and antiskid design

Model: U8

Type: Game host

Color: black

Operation System: Linux Retroarchiopen Source System

Language: Support Multi-languages

Emulator: MAME, FC, GB, GBA, GBC, MD, SFC, PS1, ATARI2600, ATARI7800


Sdram: DDR3 256MB

Flash: 128MB


Package Included:


1 x Game Stick

2 x Game Controller

1 x Power Cable

1 x Conversion Line

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