Unisex 9-Heating Zones Electric Vest Heated Jacket USB Warm Up Winter Body Racing Coat Thermal

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Unisex 9-Heating Zones Electric Vest Heated Jacket USB Warm Up Winter Body Coat Thermal

Note:Power Bank is not included.



1. Face beauty and body shaping

Activates various functions between skin and promotes metabolism.

2. Body warming and blood circulation

Warms the human body, consumes excess heat, increases blood oxygen and fluidity.

3. Vitality restoration

Provides deeper adjustment of physiological functions to avoid sub-health state and restores the vitality.

4. Pain relief

Can improve the body's microcirculation, dredge and activate the meridians, eliminate local pain and inflammation.

5. Humanized heating part is designed for the cold part of the front waist, shoulder and back.

6. Infrared heating with no harmful radiation and stable performance is safe and reliable, environmentally friendly, energy saving, soft and comfortable.




 S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL


 Cotton Polyester





Heated area

 9 heating zones


 5V/ 2A


 USB 5V/ 2A

Fever Area

 Back Abdomen Waist Shoulder


 35℃/95℉ (White light)

 45℃/113℉ (Blue light)

 55℃/131℉ (Red light)

Lasting time

 8 hours (Take 10000mah power bank as an example)

 (Depending on the setting And battery capacity)

SIZE Shoulder Cloth's Length Chest Weight
M 35.3CM / 13.89inch 58CM / 22.83inch 94CM / 37.00inch 47.5-57.5KG
L 36.5CM / 14.37inch 60CM / 23.62inch 98CM / 38.58inch 47.5-57.5KG
XL 37.7CM / 14.84inch 62CM / 24.40inch 102CM / 40.16inch 57.5-67.5KG
2XL 38.9CM / 15.31inch 64CM / 25.19inch 106CM / 41.73inch 67.5-77.5KG
3XL 40.1CM / 15.78inch 66CM / 25.98inch 110CM / 43.30inch 77.5-85KG
4XL 41.3CM / 16.25inch 68CM / 26.77inch 114CM / 44.88inch 77.5-85KG
5XL 42.5CM / 16.73inch 70CM / 27.55inch 118CM / 46.45inch 85-90KG

Instructions for use:

1. Vest features built-in USB port to connect the power bank.

2. Power switch - long press the switch for 3 to 5 seconds.

3. Red light flashes - automatic heating

4. Red light - manual heating, high temperature

5. Blue light - medium temperature

6. White light - low temperature



1. It is Not recommended to use high temperature for a long time to avoid burns.

2. Batteries, connecting plugs and chargers should aviod contact with water during operation. It should be used in completely dry condition.

3. NOT for Pregnants women, young children and those who can not express their willingness those with pacemakers are disabled.

4. Please DO NOT disassemble, modify the heating film and control circuit, to prevent man-made damage to hot components.

5. The cable is waterproof, can be washed.

6. People who are sensitivity to heat applications (diabetics,circulatory problems)

should not wear the battery heated vest. Please consult your physician before using.

7. Always connect it to the power bank when heating.


Washing instructions:

1.Take out removable charger.

2.Neutral detergent is available and then hand wash.

3.Do not force knead or beat.

4.After nature air drying can be use.


Warm Tips:

1.If not used for a long time,please do not plug in removable charger

2.Do not use high temperature water or strong acid detergent.

3.Forbidden to use electricity for wet clothes,Please turn off the power and stop using if cloth is wet.

4.Use time depending on the capacity of removable charge.


Package Included:

1 X

 Electric Vest (Power Bank is not included)


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