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VF1-CB Kitchen Refrigerator Air Purifier Household Ozone Sterilizing Deodor Device Flavor Filter Core 

This kind of herbaceous,deodorant and sterilizing filter core is suitable for all refrigerator,getting rid of flavor and reducing spoilage.

[ Sterilize ] : Active factors of bactericidal enzyme being released automatically by the filter and diffuse evenly through sustained-release compound films. The sterilization rate is up to 99.9%
[ Eradicate Odor ] : With herbaceous ingredients, the refrigerator is filled with mint smell that eradicates odor effectively and maintains the aromas of foods
[ Easy Operation ] : Just put it at the corner of refrigerator to save the storage space
Each filter could clean air for space 80 - 100L


Brand VIOMI (XIAOMI Ecological Chain)  
Model  VF1-CB
Purification space 80-100L
Color Silver
Date for usage 1 year
Sterilization rate 99.9%
Reducing spoilage,Getting rid of odour,Bactericidal enzyme 

Package Included :

1 x VIOMI Kitchen Refrigerator Air Purifier Core

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