Wall-mounted Dustproof Chopstick Holder Large Capacity Layered Storage Chopstick Holder Waterproof Strong Bearing Capacity Chopstick Holder

Type: Standard
Color: Grey
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Description :

Wall-mounted Dustproof Chopstick Holder Large Capacity Layered Storage Chopstick Holder Waterproof Strong Bearing Capacity Chopstick Holder

Features :

- Humanized design structure, considerate and convenient.

- Large capacity, it can be installed very well.

- Dust-proof and anti-fouling, sealed dust cover to prevent dust in the air from polluting kitchenware.

- The upgraded flip cover can be flipped 180°, so that the chopsticks and spoons are no longer blocked. Ordinary models on the market can only flip at 90°, which is hidden when the chopsticks are taken.

- Three compartments are stored in a large space, and the water tray, chopsticks, and spoons are stored separately.

- There is a movable hook and a rag rod that tilts forward; it can store rags and other items. Things are not messy, refreshing and clean.

- No punching, fast installation in ten seconds. Does not hurt the wall. Strong load-bearing, no drop

- Split design, easier to clean. Don't worry about moldy and smelly, clean and worry-free.

Specifications :

Material Plastic
Wiper Rod Material
Space Aluminum
Color Black/White/Blue/Grey
Type Flagship Version/Standard Version
Installation Method
Transparent Glue Free Punching

Flagship Version: 960g; Standard Version: 540g

Size Flagship Version: 20x9x30.5cm; Standard Version: 30x9x13cm

Package Included :

1 x Chopsticker Holder

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