-WH528 Outdoor Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Pest Control Bats Birds Dogs Cats Repeller with Flashing Light

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Description :

KCASA-WH528 Outdoor Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Pest Control Bats Birds Dogs Cats Repeller with Flashing Light

- Effective animal control 

The ultrasonic cat deterrent removes animals and pests by sending ultrasound, which is audible only to animals. When an animal enters the area, the infrared sensor of the device is triggered and sends a frequency-converted ultrasound to allow animals to escape the area.

- 4 Adjustable modes

Sounds ultrasound with a different frequency can deter different animals. 4 different ultrasound / alarm frequency/ noise/ 2 flashing LED lights keep your pet safe until the pet walks. The ultrasonic frequency is between 15 kHz and 65 kHz, and the frequency is automatically repeated alternately.

- Solar powered and USB charging

The solar panels can effectively charge the product to stay in standby mode whole day. Please peel off the transparent protective layer on the top of the solar panel to ensure it can absorb sunlight efficiently. When it rains outside, you can use the USB charging as a support.

- Waterproof and weatherproof 

This animal repeller has a solid construction and a waterproof design. You do not have to worry that it will not work on rainy days. The animal repellent can be mounted in the ground or on the wall or directly on the flat surface. Ideal for outdoor use such as gardens, yards, patios, driveways, patios, farms, etc.

- Environmentally friendly 

The device contains no chemicals or pesticides, no traps, no animal death and is harmless for humans and animals. Solar ultrasonic animal drives will deter penetrating animals and pests leaving the area. Very effective against dogs, cats, raccoons, mice, birds, foxes, martens, game and more.


Material ABS
Color Green
Power Supply
Solar Power and Lithium Battery (3.7V 2000mAh)
Charging Current
 250mA (Charger Selection: 5V, 500mA-1A)
Ultrasonic Frequency
Detection Range
 6-8 Meters Depending on Animal Size.
Infrared Sensor Angle
110 Degree

Packaged Included :

1 x Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

1 x Ground Stake

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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