YUGE New LCD Screen Electronic Automatic Sprinkler Controller Rain Sensor Waterproof Irrigation Timer Outdoor Garden Watering Device Irrigation Tool

Type: Single output
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--The automatic watering device is designed for balconies, homes, courtyard, shed, offices or small greenhouses. 
--Solar energy and ultra lower power consumption, you only need to replace the battery every three to seven years (before the NiMH battery is scrapped),during use period no maintenance required.
--When without sun, watering once per day, can be used for 12 months, With Sun: one hour for charging, the machine can use for one month.(automatically stop charging after charging)
--Combine the pump and watering timer in an automatic watering system to pump water from the container.
--Solve your daily work, take care of plants when traveling question. Automatic watering device can help you water on time every day, make the plants  grow healthier and longer lasting.
--Gold plated rain detector, stable to prevent rusting, stop watering in rainy days, automatic operation when without rain.
--Real time self check, weak current protection Check whether the on / off valve is complete in real time.
--Easy use, replace the switch, reset, and manual water keys with separate keys. The rest of the settings are taken over by "turning" and " bressing" of a waterproof knob. In the setting, all parameters are displayed, clear and easy to understand.
---Suitable for quarter double outlet faucet, washing machine faucet, garden water pipe. Not apllicable for all kinds of old-fashioned faucets, kitchen faucets, etc., unthreaded tap.

Item Type: Automatic Watering Controller
Material: Plastic
Color: White Black
Types: A, B
Battery: 2Pcs x 1.2V Rechargeable Batteries(built in)
Waterproof Level: IP68

Package Includes: 
1Pc x Automatic Watering Controller

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